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The football industry, by transferring ownership of clubs to prompt investors to consider them as ordinary companies has led to various forms of expropriation or dispossession fans. To show that these terms are not figures of speech, here are three examples from the British football, now considered the standard economic model.

Acquiring When the club Hull City and became president in December 2010, he says he wants to make the community what she was gave. Last August, shortly after the club had won its accession in the Premier League, he announced in a local newspaper wanting to give up the name in favor Hull City AFC Hull Tigers. "Hull City is inadequate, ordinary.

I want the club is special, it is a question of identity. 'City' is a poor identity. 'Hull City Association Football Club' is too long, " he says. If it is, according to him, an element among others of its strategy to increase the club's resources, particularly in developing its reputation in Asia, this decision also stems from a personal vexation, consecutive the refusal of the council to sell the land the KC Stadium.

This pure marketing operation triggers the rage of supporters, including organizing a march before the first home game of the season, behind a banner " Hull City is a club, not a brand " . The event launches a remote dialogue with the owner, who begins by saying that no one had to question his decisions a company director. In December, Allah replica group of supporters " City Till We Die "(" City until we die "), which he calls "militants" and "hooligans" : "They can die as soon as they want, as long as they leave the club at the majority of those who want to see good football " . The same evening the stands sing "We are Hull City, and we die when we want" . At each meeting, the fans now sing their anthem when the timer shows 19'04 ", in reference to the date of the founding of Hull City AFC.

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