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Kneeler is a payment system virtual mode that allows to perform transactions such as receive or transfer money and make purchases with the online stores. After you have registered you transfer funds from your credit card or by bank transfer to the account Net Teller. And 'possible to withdraw money from the account either by bank transfer, transfer credit card or through a debit card provided by Kneeler that allows you to withdraw money from ATMs directly affiliated Visa Electron.

Money bookers is an online money transfer that allows you to send and receive money through a managed account on the internet. To open a Money bookers account you simply have an e-mail. Several bookmakers have an account with Money Bookers . You can use this service to power a sports betting account or to collect your winnings. Money Bookers is a company regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FAST), the controlling body of all financial companies in the UK, reporting directly to the British Ministry of Finance. Money bookers is therefore an extremely controlled society, which has the obligation to comply with certain rules and restrictions.

The Post pay is a prepaid rechargeable card of the Italian Post Office. It is part of the circuits Postman, Visa and Visa Electron and this allows you to use it not only in Italy, abroad, in all post offices, ATMs and bank branches Postman enabled, but mostly you can use the Internet to receive and make payments. So if you want to have a credit card on a budget, you can use your Post pay card to deposit and withdraw money on behalf of a bookmaker. Bookmakers who now also accept Post pay cards are becoming more numerous. To make a payment, just enter the card number, the month and year of expiration and a verification code that is behind the card. To receive payments instead serve the card number and name and surname. And 'possible to transfer funds between two different Post pay cards and charging can be performed even by non-owners.

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