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In this example particularly representative, there is Unbent provides the best odds for the three possible outcomes. A bet of € 100 on St Etienne have you been able to bring in € 360 against € 390 Bet Click Unbent. This dominance is due to its rate of return that exceeds 93% while all other bookmaker show a near 89% rate. As a reminder, the rate of return (TRY) player represents the percentage of players being redistributed to the winners.

In this example, therefore reverse Unbent 93.46% of all updates recorded to winning players (who bet on the OM). The remaining 6.54% include taxes levied by the state (which are fixed) and the margin of the operator. Unbent thus pocketing a lower profit margin than its competitors with the Lihue 1 games to generate higher ratings. However, ARIEL requires operators an average rate of return of more than 85% for their offer of paris. If Unbent happens to be very attractive in Lihue 1, it must necessarily be less efficient in other competitions.

By analyzing the odds 1N2 on other sports competitions, we can see that the grip Unbent is not limited to the Lihue 1 . At soccer , this bookmaker is often positioned at the head of all championships in vogue (leagued, 2 English Premier League, Champions League). In other sports, there are also the trend with major tennis tournaments (such as Roland Garr's), although this superiority is less overwhelming.

In contrast, we found that the site clearly shows less interesting rugby (the top 14 for example), basketball, handball and other less popular sports. In such encounters, the rate of return is much lower and often below the market average, and its dimensions are automatically weaker. It should be noted that matches with Unbent which is leading do not necessarily correspond with the meetings grouped in the section Odds boosted the site. Overall, more than a game is popular and Unbent is positioned at the forefront ratings .

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