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You can say that to earn money by betting, just choose the right bets. This view neglects simple and reassuring, however, a key point in the world of sports betting: the randomness factor. Proper management of your bankroll is crucial to be successful in the long term. If you want to win, the first point to observe is to make sure you do not miss anything. And the only way to be sure not to miss anything is to never risk everything.

Most bettors agree in saying that you should not bet more than a certain portion of its assets, but not all agree on the amount of this part. Some say 1%, others rise up to 20% in the case of great trust. The solution is probably halfway. Aim 1% of its capital puts you away from bankruptcy, but, unless this is not really important, so little point implies a minimum payout and the risk of fatigue before the absence of significant profit. In addition to the episodes too small, can push to multiply and to engage in betting odds that we might not have considered if we had focused more. Point to 20%, one-fifth of the capital, can lead to a rapid bankruptcy in the event of a negative number.

For bettors more "defensive", who prefer to focus down, 5% can be considered as a good compromise. Indeed, this leaves a large margin for cash failures, and also gives you visible benefits and correct. Most punters 'attack', which are mostly attracted by the episodes by 20%, falling to 10% seems to be a credible alternative: the winnings will remain important and you will have more security.

You can also choose to adjust your bet on the degree of confidence in your bet. This allows you to minimize losses on a bet little easier and maximize them on an event very likely. But you have to be polished at the time of your choices! Choose a percentage of your bank, between 5% and 10%. Give a rating from 1 to 10 to place your bet. Divide this by 10 votes. Multiply the result and the percentage of the bank that you have defined, and get the ideal upright of your bet. If you do not feel the need to manage your bets.

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