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Whether you're passionate or amateur, tennis or sports Sunday, the first rays of sunlight announcing now been synonymous with a major event: the Roland Garr's tournament. Rafael Nodal, Serena Williams or Novak Dichotic; the best athletes in the tennis world meet all present at the call of the clay. Between outstanding heat and celebrities, Roland Garr's ensures the show. Zoom on one of the key stages of the ATP World Tour tournament.

Rest assured it is not a question of sunscreen - although useful - but rather those players who help shape the image of Roland Garr's. Looking at the ranking of the winners of the tournament, difficult to select only a few names. But in recent years, a mark Rafael Nodal borrows its competition by having won 8 times (that's all!).

To put this hegemony include still another legend named Bjorn Borg or, to be more chauvinistic, Tannic Noah. In women, the domination seems shared for some time: after Justine Hein, Serena Williams are especially Maria Saratoga or its successors; but impossible to forget the incredible Chris Evart.

With all these great names in world tennis, it is not uncommon to live very close games. So to lighten the mood, it is called Man sour Bahrain and Henri Lecanto, the retired players who make the show through a match between humor and amazing shots more reason not to miss the French tournament!

Finally, if you and the yellow ball is a bit like Nodal and defeat, do not panic, Martin Solving thought of you playing tennis with music! Now that you no longer have any reason to hate Roland Garr's appointment on May 25 for the 2014 edition, plus sunscreen and sunglasses!

 William Hill

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