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This forced displacement had both led the secession of supporters who launched the creation of a new club - AFC Wimbledon - and relegation followed the bankruptcy of rogue club, which turned into 2004 MK Dons (nicknamed "Franchise FC "and dedicated under the most hated club in England).

This was followed by calls for a boycott and a legal battle fought and won by supporters' associations, to use the MK Dons trophies and the winners of Wimbledon FC. Negotiations are still underway to determine if Milton Keynes can still use the term Donations historic nickname Wimbledon. The whole story is told in detail in one of the inevitable serials Bog Teenage Kicks .

We can see in these cases "copies" fulfillment football-business as well as the beginnings of a more pronounced COM modification, if this forced march continues, for example, to the transformation of clubs franchises. In any case to other forms of privatization of what constituted formerly a collective heritage which no shareholder could not rely on such rights. One day, perhaps, the government will they seize these issues, instead of letting squander what makes the value - not economic, but social and cultural - football.

The manager Steve Bruce has expressed his embarrassment, saying that his boss does not really grasped what the name of the club represented in terms of history and tradition, while recognizing his right to dispose of at will. President of the official fan club for his part, expressed his disappointment, not unlike saved the club from liquidation and therefore belongs to him. What challenges Angie Smith, professor of sociology at the retirement of sixty-four and figurehead of City Till We Die years: "Allah may well have the capital, he will never possess our faith and passion" (quoted by When Saturday Comes) . The £ 50 million invested by their patron, the supporters also oppose the 400 pounds of their annual subscriptions .

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