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Wall abet wants to differentiate itself from the competition by offering you other things than numbers. Our intention is to bring you as much information served on a tray and especially offer you our own analysis . Sometimes just sometimes false, the analysis should be complete and give you the balls to bet any serenity . Nothing forces you to follow our paris but you can be sure to have all the cards to make a fair bet .

Our predictions and analyzes reveal important points of a meeting and sports will identify weaknesses and strengths of the teams list. These same tips can also highlight important elements as playing conditions, the referee of a meeting, the absentee list (injured excluded unselected); elements that can influence a match , a meeting or an entire championship.

Our teams of forecasters only want one thing: to save you the most money while reducing the risk of losses . We also invite you to bring your perspective and your own analysis at the end of these predictions by commenting in the box provided for this purpose. Alternatively, it could follow the example of many athletes who have turned to the poker tables once their efforts on sports fields completed.

Many similarities exist between elite sport and poker, and many former athletes are successful, such as former NBA players, Paul Pierce and Gilbert Arenas. TOP that is much led online , and who admitted often played with partners Spurs could well find its place, and why not one day join the Top 100 of the winners of poker.

Nothing is impossible for the greatest sportsman! It could of course stay in the world of betting including club Save where he has already placed some balls and when he returned playing time a strange crisis on the other side of the Atlantic. And why not even a coach instead if the passion of the land has not yet left.

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