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This type of betting comes in many variants which player will score first, last or which will enroll a double or even tripled! For these two highly improbable results, the odds may explode and exceed 5000! There are other types of paris but they are mostly related to the goals: clean sheets, number of goals even or odd. In any case, remember that these apply to paris time regulatory match (90 minutes + injury time football) any extensions are generally excluded.

We must distinguish the single bet that be to bet money on one event and the combination bet (or multiple) in which the bet is on the end of several events. The single bet is the most played and therefore to make a bet on a single event, such as PEG win against Bordeaux during the next day of Lihue 1. If your prediction is correct, you win a sum equivalent to your set times the odds associated with the victory of the PEG.

It is therefore incur a single bet on multiple outcomes. For example, you can bet € 50 on winning PEG associated with Marseille win. If your probation is right, your gain is calculated as follows: x your stake x odds odds PEG Marseille. As the dimensions of the two events are increasing, this kind of bet so you can bring more money than a single bet. But the combined bet is more risky because if one of your predictions is losing (PEG Marseille win but a draw for example), the entire bet is lost. Note that it is not possible to achieve a combination of paris on the same match (AND win PEG 1-0 final score for example).

Generally, we advise you not to make multiple paris because you will lose in the long run. It is no coincidence if the bookmakers often lead you to combine your paris with promotions of all kinds ( Fast multi live at Unbent or Great Combos Lihue 1 in Parsons Web). Quite complex and not put forward by the operators, it is a mixture of single and combined bet. This type of betting is possible if you earn at least three predictions in the same coupon. In a betting system "2/3", your bet will win if at least 2 of 3 predictions are correct. With trivia (4 paris), 2 of 4 must be valid.

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